Sunday, March 10, 2013

A New (Philly) Kind of Family

Tonight was awesome!! I'm still reeling from all the love and excitement!!

Whenever I talk about my natural family people always comment "you and your family are so close" or "you can tell you love them very much". Both are true but I give all credit to first God and then to the older generation of my family (grandparents, aunts, uncles) and of course my mom and dad for setting the example of unconditional love and support. It's because of them, the relationship they have with one another and the way they raised my siblings, cousins and myself that we continue to be a strong and loving family.

Today I experiences that on a spiritual level and I gotta tell you...I am OVERWHELMED!! The culture of love, honor, support, encouragement and freedom at New Philly Itaewon is amazing!! And like my natural family, it's because of our spiritual parents (PC and PE) that we have what we have. I experience such an outpouring of pure love tonight. I've been welcomed with open hearts and arms. Adopted by brothers and sisters who genuinely love and care for each other. I'm part of a New Philly kind of family!!!

How blessed am I to have that both naturally and spiritually?!? I don't really have words except... thanks God!! Whew!!

Bout to be submerged!!

Until next time...

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