Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jimjilbang...the naked SPA


So, a few weeks ago I went to a Jimjilbang which is a SPA. It's a staple in Korean culture and something that both men and women enjoy. From those I've spoken to though, more women attend than men and most men go with their girlfriends or wives.

entry to the jimjilbang
 You're thinking, SPA? What's so interesting about a SPA? Most SPA's, nothing.  A's a naked SPA.  Yes, yes, least for part of it.

Here's how it works:

When you arrive at the jimjilbang, you get a bracelet that also contains a key.  That key is to your locker.  First things first, put your shoes away.  No shoes allowed in the SPA.  Then go to your respective gender floors, where the AWKWARDNESS begins.

this must be us...

no women allowed...

Once, there you get out of your clothes and enjoy the various, hot tubs, baths, massages and showers, all in the nude.  Granted you're in an area with the same sex, but it's still awkward for a while.  Ladies just walking around, sitting in the hot tub, talking, laughing with friends...enjoying a lil "me time".  I can only imagine what goes on on the men's  Once you're done...take a shower to rinse off and put on the comfortable, stylish pajamas provided to you and explore the co-ed section of the SPA.


 In the co-ed section, there are various other SPA rooms, restaurants, an arcade, and nail salon.  The bracelet with the keys is like your pass card.  If you do anything extra, you swipe your bracelet.  Don't get too pay for it on exit.

check out the ice in the background...this room was -7degrees C.
You don't have to stay the night.  But if you decide to, then get a pillow and find a spot on the floor or in a chair.

contacts out...time for bed...

lights stay on...smh


In the morning, change back, return pajamas, grab your shoes and pay.  Overall, pretty cool experience for a decent price (12,000won = $11).

Next time, I think I'll try a massage...cost extra, but may be worth it...

Until next time...


  1. I really would LOVE doing this one day! first of all, I feel that nakedness should be the standard anyways as all who know me know lol....and a well-priced SPA thrown in?! I gotta try it.

    1. You'd love it. Once you get past the initial awkwardness and embarrassment, it's cool. I had a great time. Will definetly be going back. They have one in Georgia I think, hint

  2. wow! sounds amazing! I'd have to overcome my reservations about nudity and strangers, though! LOL But still, sounds great!

  3. Very interesting...very.