Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The trip...WHIRLWIND

Well, what a WHIRLWIND adventure I've been having.  This is Day 5 for me in Korea and man oh man have things been interesting.  I don't want this to be a long post but bear with me.  It's the first post since arriving and I have quite a lot to share.

Flight in 1 word: LONG

It's a 14 hour flight (non-stop).  Have you ever had to sit for 14 hours straight?  I have, and let me tell you, it's not the most comfortable of  The plane was huge but the seat pitch (leg room) was small.  I had a window seat which I liked cause I could lean against the side to take naps.  I should've listened to my dad when he said to buy the neck pillow.

Food was good.  Movies were great.  Most I'd seen but I got a chance to watch the few I hadn't.  A friend told me to try not to sleep too much on the plane because jet lag is serious.  Well, I slept.  Not as much as I was planning to.  The guy in the middle seat next to me had his light on pretty much the whole flight and I left my eye shade thingy in the bag that was in the overhead compartment and...the seat belt light was on a lot due to

After 4 movies, and several other hours of whatever. I arrived, safely, in Korea.  Going through customs was easy.  I was worried I might loose luggage but they all came pretty quickly through baggage claim.

Apartment - Ho!!: BEAUTIFUL

I don't know if the cab driver that took me to my apt did this on purpose or if the scenery is just that amazing but the ride was great.  I was in this tricked out mini-van cab with a stereo system, decent size TV playing Tom & Jerry with Korean subtitles.  The scenery was beautiful.  I saw everything from open fields to tall skyscrapers.  Incredible horizon and breathtaking overlook onto the water.  The airport is on it's own island.

My apt is great.  It's in a nice area, controlled access and not as small as I was expecting.  There's a lot of closet space, small kitchen and bathroom and living area.  The bathroom is probably the more difficult of places to be in.  There's no defined shower space or curtain so at first water was getting  I'm figuring things out though.  There are many other native English speaking residents that I've met thus far so I don't feel isolated or alone.  I've met some great people.  I'm really close to many subway and bus stations but walking is pretty easy too.  There's multiples of everything here so I can walk a few blocks and find whatever I'm looking for.


I started working on Monday.  Due to jet lag, I couldn't get to sleep Sunday night and as a result woke up at 3am on Monday (getting better).  My school is a 30 minute walk from my apt.  Needless to say, I'm getting quite the workout twice a day.  I went out Sunday to find the school, making sure I knew how to get there. I didn't, which resulted in me getting lost in Seoul for 2  I found my way eventually and am even finding new routes.

The teachers are very welcoming and interested to know a lot about me and my decision to come to Korea.  My experience as a teacher provides an advantage to understanding the school, students, staff and curriculum and because they know my background, they threw me right into the thick of things.  I was teaching on day 1.  I'm working with 3-6 grades and I see each of my classes once a week.  They call me "Delia Teacher"  I love it.  Whenever I say something in Korean, they giggle.  We're in the 2nd semester of the school year so in March, the students will matriculate to the next grade level.  I didn't think I'd like working with the older kids, but I'm enjoying it.  My co-teachers are amazing!!  They're patient, understanding and challenge me to get right to work and be creative, which, if you know me, I love.  The curriculum is pretty much mapped out but I have the freedom to spice it up!

Well, that's all I can get in for now.  Check back soon for more updates, pictures and an exclusive on being in the midst of a TYPHOON!!!

Until next time...


  1. Hi Nic! Your dad just showed me your website this morning. He is so excited for you and proud of his Daddy's Girl !!! So are all of us here at Verint. What an exciting and wonderful time in your life. You are going to do GREAT!

    1. Hi Patty! Thanks! It's been a great trip thus far! Keep checking back or subscribe and every time I post something you'll get a message. I can't believe you're reading!!

    2. and so is Janet now too ! we are all excited for you ! I will definetly subscribe! so wonderful !

  2. Hey Sis! I'm so happy I found you blog!!! I love it and cant wait to spend more time with u in SoKo!!! maybe I will make an appearance in one of ur posts