Monday, March 18, 2013

Chomp Chomp!!

I've always loved going to the dentist. It's my favorite doctors visit, even when I was younger, going to the dentist was exciting for me. I know that sounds weird but eh, it is what it is. I'm very protective of my teeth so any ole dentist won't do. I need referrals. Today was my first oversees dentist visit. Read on...

When I arrived, I was treated pretty much the way I'm always treated when I go places; with respect, awe, and hesitation. They always chuckle when I say "안녕하세요" and then run to find someone who speaks better English then they do. It's quite amusing to watch. I don't feel like a threatening person, but I know my neutral face isn't the most So, I try to smile and be patient. I too chuckle at their initial shock and horror of what to do and say with me and try to use what little Korean I know to put them (and myself) at ease.

I sat in the chair for a while, while they debated on who was to come help me out. I could hear their whispers and chuckles and see the other patients sitting outside my little cubicle straining their necks to get a look at the "아프리카 사람" (african) with wild

All went well. It wasn't the same process as back home. They cleaned but no flossing or polishing. The polishing is my favorite part cause I love the way my teeth feel after but oh well. Still feel good.

The doctor found 2 cavities, bringing my total to 4. Not happy about that but since it's been 2yrs since my last visit, I won't complain.

Dentist is still my favorite doctors visit! My chompers feel GREAT! Shout out to the iTranslate app for getting me through the appt!!

Until next time...


  1. I can't relate to this AT ALL. I have had nightmares of grinding my teeth off, or them just falling out... because I actually have had a tooth fall out. Long story. Let's just say I have had a bad relationship with anything evolving around the dentist since I was 10. I am so glad you can enjoy it :)

    1. Haha! I've had those dreams too but it's always made me WANT to go to the dentist and make sure everything was ok. I'm weird I