Monday, November 12, 2012

Winter is HERE!!

Standing at the bus stop waiting for my ride home and my fingers are begging me to stop It feels like once again we've skipped over Autumn and gone straight to Winter, which sucks cause I LOVE Autumn!!

Am I prepared? Do I have warm clothes? Yes and no but I promise you, I don't "LOOK" out of place. Walking around, you wouldn't think it's 40 degrees F. I get it...they're used to it but sheesh!! Found out today though that looks can be deceiving. While they look like they're not wearing much, truth is they've got on like 5 but since most of them are so small in the first place you can't tell...smh.

When in Rome right? I will be jumping on this bandwagon immediately! Especially since my school refuses to put on the heat and open windows to "air out the room". Forget the air. I can't feel me toes. Yes, I said "me toes".

Anyways, I hope we slow down on Winter's approach. I really do love Autumn!!
"Autumn, where are you? Have you seen Autumn?"

Until next time...

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  1. Hope you're staying warm out there!!! 5 Layers Idea might not be too bad. I might have to try that myself!! - Robert Charles